Upcoming Elected Offices 2018

Interested in Running For Public Office?

The 2018 Midterm elections will be here before you know it. 

If you are interested in running for office in 2018, please contact our Vice Chair of Candidate recruitment at recruitment@gwinnettdemocrats.com.

Below are the offices that are up for re-election in 2018.

Board Of Commissioners

Name Office Held District Party
Lynette Howard Commissioner 2 R
John Heard Commissioner 4 R

Board of Education

Name Office Held District Party
Dan Seckinger Board Member 2 R
Dr. Robert “Bob” McClure Board Member 4 R

Court Officials

Name Office Held Party
Rosanna Szabo Solicitor General R

Superior Court Judges

Name Party
George F. Hutchinson NP
Debra K. Turner NP
R. Timothy Hamil NP
Thomas N. Davis NP

State Court Judges

Name Party
Chief Judge Pamela D. South (S5) NP
Judge Joseph C. Iannazzone (S4) NP

State Senators (2yr term)

Name District Party
Curt Thompson 5 D
P.K. Martin IV 9 R
Fran Millar 40 R
Steve Henson 41 D
Renee S. Unterman 45 R
David Shafer (will be open seat) 48 R
Gloria Butler 55 D

State House (2yr term)

Name District Party
Scott Holcomb 81 D
Dar’shun Kendrick 93 D
Karen Bennett 94 D
Scott Hilton 95 R
Pedro (Pete) Marin 96 D
Brooks Coleman, Jr. 97 R
David Clark 98 R
Brenda Lopez 99 D
Dewey McClain 100 D
Samuel Park 101 D
Buzz Brockway 102 R
103 R
Chuck Efstration 104 R
Joyce Chandler 105 R
Brett A. Harrell 106 R
David Casas 107 R
Clay Cox 108 R
Tom Kirby 114 R

State Officials (4yr term)

Name Office Held District Party
Nathan Deal Governor Statewide R
Casey Cagle Lt. Governor Statewide R
Brian Kemp Secretary of State Statewide R
Christopher M. Carr Attorney General Statewide R
Gary W. Black Comm. of Agriculture Statewide R
Ralph Hudgens Comm of Insurance Statewide R
Mark Butler Comm of Labor Statewide R


Name Office Held District Party
Chuck Eaton Chairman Statewide R
Stan Wise Commissioner Statewide R


Name District Party
Henry “Hank” Johnson 4 D
William Robert (Rob) Woodall III 7 R
Jody B. Hice 10 R