Garners D Precinct # 64

Polling Location: Voice of Faith Church; 2500 Rockbridge Road SW, Stone Mountain, GA. 30087

Precinct Captain: Grace Hawkins  Click HERE to email Grace

Hello residents of Garner D (64) in Gwinnett County. We are a strong Democratic precinct which will deliver our precinct decisively to the whole Democratic slate in 2008 — with your help and support.

We already know one of our candidates: George Wilson who is also a hometown boy; he lives right in our precinct! George ran in 2006 and came within a whisker of defeating a Sonny Perdue stalwart even though our campaign treasury was tiny while the Republicans had to spend $100,000 to win. This year we will organize to elect George to the State House.

I doorbelled this precinct and I met a lot of great people who are strong Democrats: native Georgians, New Jersey/Washington/Florida transplants and everything in between. I know we can build a strong group which can not only deliver our precinct but jump in to help sister precincts which are not as blessed with talented Democrats as we are. If I didn’t meet you, please feel free to call or email me to play a part in taking our country back. There are so many ways on so many levels where you can help. Here are a few actions we’ll be taking; you might have other ideas too. They are welcome.

• talk talk talk – Democrats love to talk politics, so let’s get together and talk. We’ll have a precinct meeting, probably right before the regular District Democratic Party meeting, early each month. More details later in the year.

• training – We need to know more about what we are expected to do to elect Dems in 2008. The District will provide that and we will reinforce it for people who can’t make the District meetings. Early election cycle training includes things such as how to doorbell, how to make an effective phone call, and how to expand your own lists of co-workers.

• party – It can’t be all work and no play. We will have get-togethers so we meet more of our friends and neighbors in Garner. (Bonus: The more cohesive we are, the safer our neighborhoods will remain. There is a lot to learn about neighborhood safety, and we can make that information available. )

We are all busy with the ever-increasing burdens Bush and his cronies have placed on the middle class. Our incomes have suffered. Our neighborhoods are empty because everyone has to work like never before. College is retreating from people’s grasp. If we get sick or injured, we can lose everything. And the planet is crying out for help. The only way to reverse course is by action, and action takes people who will give four, ten, twenty hours a month. On the streets or from home on the phone. There is a lot you can do!

My phone number is 678-476-3952, or cell: 678-447-9085. As your precinct captain, I am looking forward to meeting you and working with you to elect good Democrats in 2008.


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