Senator John McCain

Senator McCain is a true American hero.  He is a courageous Senator who embraces bipartisanship when necessary.  Being a fighter, we pray that against all odds that he will beat this brain cancer.  We wish him a speedy and full recovery.

Police And Tommy Hunter

Police Beating
and Tommy Hunter

Board of Commissioner’s Meeting Tomorrow

Last week’s beating of an unarmed motorist could have turned out worse than it did. The police officers involved, one a veteran officer, beat up a handcuffed man. Fortunately there was no loss of life and somebody recorded the entire incident. Gwinnett Chief of Police A A. “Butch” Ayers did the right thing by firing the officers as did Solicitor Szabo by dropping charges of any traffic court cases involving these officers.

Why are we still protesting Tommy Hunter and what does this have to do with last week’s police incident? Because words and actions have consequences. Tommy Hunter’s words have consequences. When Tommy Hunter uses words that target folks that do not look like him, other people of his mindset, with a little bit of power, feel like they have a license to be aggressive. I also believe Gwinnett County leadership’s actions would not have been so decisive had we not persistently spoken out about Tommy Hunter, and we need to continue.

We would also like an answer from Chief Ayers, and the Gwinnett Board of Commissioners about what will be done to change the culture of the Gwinnett Police Force. One of the officers had been with the force since 1999. How could it be that nobody knew that he behaved this way, tolerated and then lied about it when other officers beat up suspects? What is being done to make our police force more diverse? Why are our officers paid less than surrounding counties and the end result is that we cannot keep good talent and we cannot attract good experienced talent when we need to replace a fired officer? Why did the Board of Commissioners give themselves terrific raises when the police need the money to attract and keep top talent? Will the Board of Commissioners give up their raises? We need answers to these questions.

You can ask these and other questions at the Board of Commissioner’s meeting tomorrow. Like you, I am tired of seeing Gwinnett County in the national news for all the wrong reasons

WHEN: April 18, 2017
TIME: 2:00 PM
WHERE: 75 Langley Drive, Lawrenceville GA 30046

Republicans are redistricting again

Republicans are Redistricting AGAIN!

Trying to choose their voters


Yesterday, the Georgia House held a hearing on HB 515 changing district lines in 9 districts.

Maps were NOT AVAILABLE to the public prior to the hearing.

Public Comment was DENIED by committee chair Rep. Johnnie Caldwell during the hearing.

Call the Speaker Ralston’s Office at (404) 656 – 5020 to let him know you oppose elected officials selecting their voters. Voters should be the ones electing their representatives.

“Hi. I’d like to leave a message for Speaker Ralston regarding HB 515. This bill should not move forward as the public has not had the opportunity to see the proposed districts. Maps were not available to the public prior to the committee hearing and the redistricting chairman refused to allow the public a voice before the committee. These maps must be thoroughly vetted before a House vote.”

Ethics Complaint Against Tommy Hunter

Ethics Complaint Against Tommy Hunter

While our Republican Congressional representatives are MIA, Tommy Hunter still sits on the Gwinnett County Board of Commissioners in spite of repeated calls to resign after his bigoted remarks on Facebook .

Things heated up last Friday when a hearing officer determined that an ethics complaint against Mr.Hunter can go forward because it meets the requirements for a hearing. This is good news for all Gwinnett citizens because the complaints will be formally aired.

We have to keep up the heat and make our voices heard at the next Board of Commissioners’ meeting on Tuesday afternoon.

WHEN: Tuesday February 21, 2017
TIME: 2:00 PM
WHERE: GJAC 75 Langley Drive, Lawrenceville 30046

Mr. Hunter does not understand that he cannot be effective in his position if he calls his constituents libtards, demonrats and calls a longtime Congressman a racist pig. We have to make it clear that his behavior is the antitheses of good government and is not welcome in Gwinnett County in the year 2017.


Gabe Okoye
Gwinnett County Democratic Party

Chairman Gabe Okoye speaks to the BOC

Democratic Party chair: More diversity needed in Gwinnett’s leadership

By Curt Yeomans – Gwinnett Daily Post

Gwinnett County Democratic Party Chairman Gabe Okoye conceded that ultimately it’s the voters who decide whether they want someone from a minority population group representing them, but appointed officials?

That’s a different story.

Okoye stood before county commissioners on Tuesday and called on them to appoint more minorities to key positions in the majority-minority county’s government, including county administrator, spokesman, clerk and department head jobs.

“The county’s government does not reflect the diversity that is out there in the county,” Okoye told the Daily Post after the meeting.

Okoye’s call for more minority representation in leadership positions comes amid an ongoing backlash against Commissioner Tommy Hunter for comments he made on Facebook, including calling U.S. Rep. John Lewis a “racist pig.”

Okoye added that he believed the fact that Hunter made the comments in the first place might be a byproduct of a lack of diversity in the higher levels of county government.

“The structure in the county is not helping matters because it’s like the good old boys and a club,” he said.

While Okoye singled out the appointed positions, he also said adding more seats on the commission might help matters by shrinking commission district sizes and providing more positions for minority candidates to run for. He pointed to the Fulton and DeKalb counties, each of which have seven commission seats.

Among the 10 counties in the Atlanta Regional Commission footprint, only Fulton, DeKalb and Henry have more than five seats on their commissions, including chairman or CEO positions. Henry’s board has six seats, Rockdale’s has three seats and the rest have five-seat commissions.

Okoye pointed out there are some U.S. states whose entire populations are smaller than Gwinnett as evidence of why he felt the county commission should be enlarged.

 But on the issue of appointed positions, Okoye said that while Cobb County, which has more than 100,000 less residents than Gwinnett, also has a five-seat commission, its county manager is an African-American. Cobb also has one African-American commissioner.

“The commissioners are elected, I have no problem with that,” Okoye said. “But why is it that the County Administrator, Mr. (Glenn) Stephens is white, the deputy (county administrator) is white, (Communications Director) Joe Sorenson is white and the clerk is white.

“Is there no qualified non-white person for these appointed positions in a population of close to one million people?”

Commission Chairwoman Charlotte Nash said the county is trying to increase diversity at the appointed level. Although there are not many minorities in appointed department head positions, there are some.

“We are certainly interested in adding more diversity at all levels within the county organization, including the senior management level,” Nash said. “I know that this is an objective as hiring decisions are made by staff, even as they focus on hiring the most qualified candidate for each position.

“We are making progress overall and anticipate that, as we have vacancies at the department head level, we will be able to promote and hire individuals who add to the diversity at that level.”

Revised Bylaws

We just had our post-election meeting last Tuesday and we want to thank all the campaign volunteers and new folks who attended the meeting. We hope you will continue to be a part of the Gwinnett Democratic Party.

At our business meeting last Tuesday, we approved revised the bylaws. They are available on our website HERE.

We will elect new officers and part of our Executive Committee at our December meeting. Details will be available in the near future.

If you have loaned anything to our headquarters please come and pick up your items. Cheryl Williams will be at headquarters (535 Indian Trail Road Suite I, Lilburn GA) on Monday from 10:00 AM – 1:00 PM and on Tuesday from 12 Noon – 3:00 PM. If you were a candidate, would you please make arrangements to pick up your signage and flyers. Contact Cheryl Williams if you have any questions at 404-219-0841.

The Gwinnett Democratic Party wishes everybody a Happy Thanksgiving next week.