Herb Green Picnic

Our annual Herb Green picnic was a smashing success last Saturday.  It was well attended, the food was great and Leader Stacey Abrams and Chairman Dubose Porter joined us as speakers.  Also in attendance was our Democratic delegation from the Gold Dome –  Senator Steven Henson, Senator Curt Thompson, Senator Vincent Fort,  Rep. Dewey McClain, Rep Hugh Floyd, Rep.  Pedro Marin , Rep. Karen Bennett and a huge crowd of wonderful Democrats!

We want to also extend a huge thank you to our organizers, Claudette Forbes, Cheryl Williams and George Williams and all those who came early to setup and stayed afterwards to clean up.



herb green event sign
The annual Herb Green Picnic
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Georgia State Legislature Day 1

2015 Swearing In of the Georgia Assembly


Here they are!  Some photos from the Gwinnett County Democratic Party delegation to the Georgia Assembly.


pedro swearing in

State Representative Pedro Marin

darshun swearing in 1

State Representative Dar’shun Kendrick swearing in

scott holcomb swearing in

State Representative Scott Holcomb swearing in

dewey mcclain swearing in

State Representative Dewey McClain oath of office



Duluth Fall Festival Parade

Today the Gwinnett Democrats had a float in the Duluth Fall Festival Parade.  What a turnout we had and what a great reception we had from the public!   We were cheered when we went by the reviewing stand and again later in the parade!   WOW!


Take a look at these happy and energetic Gwinnett Democrats


Gwinnett Democrats

The dediciated Gwinnett Democrats


State Representative Dist 95 Candidate Amreeta Regmi with Chairman Jim Shealey and Claudette Forbes

Parade float

Our float in the parade


Our parade float decked out with signs

Parade Float

Everybody piled into the trailer and gave out candy


Claudette Forbes and Penny Bernath help prepare the float


BOC Candidate Jay Trevari, Penny Bernath, Tony Hinkson, Claudette Forbes and Francine Burrell before the parade


Hurry up and wait for the start of the parade!


BOC Candidate Jay Trevari and Francine Burrell ham it up before the parade




Snellville Days Parade

The Gwinnett Democrats participated in the Snellville Days Parade and we had a great turnout.  A big thanks to everybody who showed up.


everybody copy photo 1 snellville4 snellville2 snellville7 snellville8 snellville5 snellville6 snellville days parade 2 snellville days parade 1 snellville days parade 3