Studio Movie Grill honors Beauty Baldwin before Wonder Woman release

Beauty Baldwin

Beauty Baldwin

Wonder Woman

From the Gwinnett Daily Post

If there’s a Wonder Woman in the annals of education in Georgia, particularly Gwinnett, it’s Beauty Baldwin.

Baldwin has a long history of service in Gwinnett and across the state, and to those who know her, this latest honor should come as no surprise.

Studio Movie Grill selected Baldwin as a Real Life Woman Superhero, and she will be honored in Texas at a red-carpet screening of Warner Bros.’ “Wonder Woman.” The movie is set to be released on Friday. Baldwin was one of more than 700 nominees submitted to Studio Movie Grill from its 11 markets as part of a nationwide search for everyday women making a big difference in communities.

Baldwin and the other honorees will be flown to Dallas on Wednesday for their own special red-carpet screening on Wednesday of “Wonder Woman.” Before the film, each honoree will receive an award, and a $1,000 donation will also be made to each honoree’s charity of choice.

A daughter of sharecroppers who only finished the sixth grade, Baldwin grew up in Sandersville working on a farm and later became the first black woman to be a school superintendent in Georgia when she led Buford City Schools in the mid-1980s. She also served in administration roles in Gwinnett County Public Schools. She’s been named to two statewide boards by Georgia governors.

A former math and vocational education teacher and assistant principal, Baldwin also served as principal of Buford Middle School. Baldwin headed the vocational education program at Central Gwinnett High School before she became the Buford superintendent.

Although Baldwin’s parents were sharecroppers with limited schooling, they impressed upon her the value of education. She graduated from Savannah State College with a bachelor’s degree in math.

“My mother couldn’t help me with my homework, but she sat up with me every night until I finished it,” Baldwin told the Daily Post in 2006 when she was honored by the Ebony Society of Gwinnett for more than four decades of service.

Baldwin said she was born with a love of math and teaching.

“I knew I wanted to be a math teacher when I was in the third grade,” she said. “I was educated in a two-room schoolhouse, where several grades were in one room together. I would finish my numbers real fast, then go help the other students with their math.”

When Baldwin Elementary in Norcross was named after her, she said the honor not only recognizes her husband, also an educator, it sends a message that her legacy is those kids can get anywhere from here.

“Serving kids has been my mainstay my whole life,” she told the Daily Post. “We’re put on this Earth to do one thing, and that’s to serve.”

A member of Hopewell Missionary Baptist Church, in 1997, she opened Hopewell Christian Academy, and in 2014, that space was converted into the North Metro Academy of Performing Arts, a charter school geared toward the performing arts.

While she has worked in education for more than 40 years, Baldwin is also involved in several other civic and community groups such as the American Red Cross, the Gwinnett Children’s Shelter and the Upsilon Alpha Omega chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc. That organization has a scholarship in her name that has given more than $100,000 to students.



Bill Would Remove Student Funding From Private Colleges that do not Disclose Students’ Immigration Status

ATLANTA, GA – The Georgia House Democratic Caucus opposes House Bill 37, which passed the Georgia House 112-57 this afternoon. This legislation would strip all state funding from Georgia students who attend a private postsecondary institution that has been accused of adopting a sanctuary policy and has not complied with federal immigration laws. State postsecondary funding for Georgia’s private colleges and universities includes HOPE scholarships, Zell Miller scholarships and tuition equalization grants.

There are currently 35 TEG-eligible private institutions. Over $36,835,932 in HOPE scholarship money to 10,659 recipients and $8,272,500 in Zell Miller scholarship money to 1,900 recipients was awarded to private postsecondary students in 2015-16, according to the Georgia Student Finance Commission. Nearly $22 million in tuition equalization grants was disbursed as well.

“H.B. 37 will only send a message to college students from around the world that they are not welcome here,” said Representative David Dreyer. “We are passing a bill that doesn’t solve an imminent problem, deprives Georgia students of due process protections, and lets the state unilaterally decide if a college is in violation of state law. Down the road, this law could discourage businesses from investing in our communities, and harm our thriving economy.”

“Financial aid is not something to be toyed with. It is the lifeline to college for those without means. HB 37 threats to yank financial aid dollars from Georgia citizen students because of actions of a college administrator on behalf of undocumented students,” said Representative Stacey Evans. “The actions are those of the administrator, but the punishment falls to Georgia students. That’s just wrong.”

“I am troubled by legislation that would single out immigrant communities, and punish all students who attend a private college or university – regardless of their immigration status,” said Representative Brenda Lopez. “Withholding funding from students based on the decisions of their administration is a due process violation, and an attempt at legislating federal immigration law under the guise of education policy.”

Today’s Supreme Court Ruling

The Supreme Court of the United States issued their ruling today on the Affordable Care Act and I am pleased to see that they did the right thing by upholding this law.

This is a fabulous decision. Before the Affordable Care Act, people faced financial ruin if they got sick. People could not get Insurance at any price if they had a pre-existing condition. Now millions of hardworking, tax paying Americans will still have access to health care and will not have the rug pulled out from under them by having their health care taken away.

I am elated. The Good Guys won!


Jim Shealey
Gwinnett Democratic Party

News Conference

On April 30, our fellow Democrats joined a press conference with State Senator Vincent Fort about the recent gerrymandering of House District 105 in HB 566.  This bill swapped several districts between House District 104 and 105 thereby diluting African American votes in HD 105 and making it non-competitive. We have urged Governor Deal not to sign the bill.

Here is the video that shows your fellow Gwinnett Democrats at the Capitol.


Urgent – Early Voting is threatened again!


Call your Representative

The Republicans are at it again. They are trying to cut Early Voting again by 7 days.

Did you know that 44% of all ballots cast in the last presidential election were made early and in person?  If Early Voting is cut, counties will be forced to spend more money to accommodate voters or we will be the national joke with long voting lines, both of which we cannot afford.

What can you do about it?

You can call your State Representative tomorrow morning when the legislature is open for business and tell them you want to keep early voting just like it is now.  You can find the name of your State Representative here, or call the phone number at the top of this message.


It’s important that we act nowLet your representative know you support 21 days of early voting.

State Committee Election Results

We held elections for DPG State Committee members at our last business meeting. Here are the final election results

Steve Reilly
Penny Bernath
Stephen Day
Cheryl Williams
Jim Shealey
Ilene Johnson
George Williams
Donna McLeod
George Durgin
Dorothy Shaw
Curt Thompson
Andrea Polk-Stephenson
Lee Thompson
Claudette Forbes
Mitchell Silvers
Steffini Bethea
Robert Byars
Evelyn Thomas
Porter Deal

Congratulations to the new members and a big thank you to everybody who ran.

Don’t forget some of our upcoming activities. 

Bus Trip

There is a bus trip to the Civil Rights Museum and the Varsity this weekend.  Details HERE.

Pot Luck Supper for Campaign Volunteers

All are welcome at this potluck supper.  Details HERE.  Please RSVP soon so our hosts know how many are coming.

See you at the next meeting!