5 Things Folks Want to ask Congressman Woodall

Wheres Waldo, uh.... Rob?

Folks in the 7th District want a town hall so they can ask you some serious questions about the AHCA and other things. But no town hall?  Did you know that not all of us can take off from work and come to your office to see you nor can we fly to Washington DC?   A town hall is where we can get our questions answered. You had time to go see the Tea Party without telling anybody beforehand.  Why can’t you make time for the rest of your constituents?

Accountability for Trump

In this video you say “if Trump is elected, Congress will be able to do its job and perform oversight on the President for the first time in history”.

OK… We are waiting but we haven’t heard a peep out of you about  #45 violating the constitution and being stupid. And the infraction list keeps getting longer. We haven’t heard anything from you about the President’s violation of the emollients clause, nothing about conflict of interest and more seriously, nothing about his ties to Russia.  And lastly, why didn’t you criticize Trump during the campaign when he suggested a “second amendment” solution if Hillary Clinton gets to pick judges?


You voted for the ACHA, a mean spirited healthcare bill that raises healthcare costs, raises the deficit and raises premiums for seniors.  You won’t even listen to us on this subject.  Under Obamacare, members of Congress are required to get their own healthcare from the Exchange.  You have no objections to the Senate version which will take away healthcare from veterans, seniors citizens and children.   Will you be using the individual market for your own insurance or will you keep your government healthcare “because it’s free”?

A Privacy Question

You voted to permit internet companies sell our search history. Do you realize that there is a lot of personal information in user’s search history and we may want to keep that information private.    We wonder if you understand the privacy concept. Or this video where you say “my constitution doesn’t have a right to privacy” answers our question.

Economic Crisis

You voted to repeal Dodd-Frank.  Dodd-Frank was put in place because bankers and financial folks did a lousy job of regulating themselves and that led to the economic crisis in 2007-2008.  Why do you want to create the same situation we had before?