Republicans are redistricting again

Republicans are Redistricting AGAIN!

Trying to choose their voters


Yesterday, the Georgia House held a hearing on HB 515 changing district lines in 9 districts.

Maps were NOT AVAILABLE to the public prior to the hearing.

Public Comment was DENIED by committee chair Rep. Johnnie Caldwell during the hearing.

Call the Speaker Ralston’s Office at (404) 656 – 5020 to let him know you oppose elected officials selecting their voters. Voters should be the ones electing their representatives.

“Hi. I’d like to leave a message for Speaker Ralston regarding HB 515. This bill should not move forward as the public has not had the opportunity to see the proposed districts. Maps were not available to the public prior to the committee hearing and the redistricting chairman refused to allow the public a voice before the committee. These maps must be thoroughly vetted before a House vote.”