CALL TO ACTION: Contact BOC Member Tommy Hunter

After a wonderful time today at the Martin Luther King Parade in Lawrenceville, imagine my shock when I returned home and read the nasty Facebook posts by Gwinnett County Commissioner Tommy Hunter about John Lewis.

Tommy Hunter used his Facebook post to call John Lewis a “racist pig”. Here is the image:

Honestly folks, it’s OK to disagree with Congressman Lewis, but you don’t have to do it by name calling on social media. Mr. Hunter left middle school ages ago and should find a more dignified manner in which to express himself. His remarks not only reflect poorly on himself but also on Gwinnett County. What business would want to come here when we have Commissioners who conduct themselves this way? This is in the national news! HERE

Mr. Hunter’s behavior is unbecoming a member of the Gwinnett County Board of Commissioners and violates the Board’s Code of Ethics.

Sec. 60-26.5 [Ethical standards for Government Service] (k)

Never engage in conduct which is unbecoming to a member or which constitutes a breach of public trust.

Mr. Hunter is a disgrace to Gwinnett County and Georgia. I call on Mr. Hunter to resign immediately.  I call on all Democrats to contact Mr. Hunter with the same message.

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Gabe Okoye
Gwinnett County Democratic Party