Veterans Day

A special thanks to all our veterans. Thank you for your service

Elections Tomorrow 7AM-7PM

About the E-Splost Vote Tomorrow

At our fundraiser Saturday there were a number of people interested in the details of the E-SPLOST renewal on the ballot tomorrow.

I personally voted YES for the E-SPLOST. I chose  Gwinnett for the education opportunities for my daughter when we moved into Georgia.

This 1 penny sales tax was first approved by voters in 1997. E-SPLOST IV is a renewal of a current tax, not a new tax of an additional 1 penny. This does not increase your current tax burden.

With any revenue initiative as large as this one there are always pros and cons. Yes, sales taxes are regressive but this is the approach voters decided to take to pay for capital improvements for the future. And this isn’t about simply putting in air conditioners in the gymnasiums as some have argued.

A No vote would have a severe impact on a school system that is still growing. The eClass initiative to improve technology in all the classrooms is imperative if we are to ensure that our children stay competitive in this new information age.

It is estimated that about 40% of the sales tax comes from people living outside Gwinnett County.

It is very easy to just throw your hands up as say you don’t trust them so you are voting No.

It is our job to hold the elected officials and administrators accountable to the use of these tax funds. We must make sure that they understand we are watching how they lead and spend this money.

Yes, representative government can be difficult and time consuming.

Please remember to VOTE YES on the E-SPLOST Tuesday Nov. 8th at your regular polling location from 7am-7pm

Steve Deak
Chair, Gwinnett County Democratic Party

P.S. I also have an opinion on the best candidates in the non-partisan city elections. If you live in one of the cities and are not sure who to vote for, I can provide some feedback.

Please feel free to forward this to your friends and family as you remind them to vote Tuesday!

Election Day

The E-SPLOST will be the only county-wide question on the ballot. Vote at your regular voting precinct.

City Council and Mayoral races are being held in all cities within Gwinnett County. You MUST vote at the CITY HALL for city elections. This means you will have to vote twice at two separate locations if you live in a city and plan to vote for the council races and the E-SPLOST.

If you live in the city of Norcross there will be an annexation question on your county ballot.

If you live in the area of Peachtree corners there will be a question about becoming a city on your county ballot.

All of the cities will also have a Sunday Alcohol Sales question.

Thank You

Our Flapjack fundraiser Saturday was a huge success! With the money raised we will be able to reach many, many more Democrats and keep them in the informed.

Thank you to all of the volunteers who seated, served, plated, etc. at the event.

Pictures are on our facebook page.