2011 Elections – Nov 8 2011

Yes, there are elections this year in Gwinnett County  on Tuesday November 8, 2011 and its just as important to vote this year as in a presidential year!

The big question on the ballot is for E-SPLOST which is the EDUCATION special options sales tax.   Since 1997  this SPLOST has helped Gwinnett County schools pay for new classrooms and  new technology.   Read more about this here.  Vote at your normal polling place.

Also, on November 8, local cities will have elections for mayor and city council.   If you live in one of the incorporated cities in Gwinnett County , you can vote for your city officials at your city hall.  Most if not all of the cities have a Sunday liquor sales question  on the ballot as well.

We have to emphasize that if you live in one of the cities with elections, you will go to TWO places to vote.  First is your city hall for your city elections, then to your normal county polling place to vote on the SPLOST.