May Business Meeting

Monthly Business Meeting

WHEN: Thursday, May 19, 6:30pm – 8:00pm
WHERE: Collins Hill Public Library ( MAP )
455 Camp Perrin Road, Lawrenceville

Topics of discussion will include:

Upcoming Redistricting public input meetings
BOC Update
Aug. 6th Herb Green event
DPG JJ Dinner


JJ Dinner

The Democratic Party of Georgia annual Jefferson-Jackson Dinner will be held Saturday, June 25th. Details about the dinner HERE.

Each county party is able to purchase a table of 10 seats for $100.00 per person. This is a significant discount from the general ticket price. We already have 1 table sold out and are hopeful to fill 2 more. We will be accepting payment by check or our ActBlue special events page online HERE.

We again speak out to Charlotte Nash

Atlanta Journal Constitution
223 Perimeter Center Pkwy.
Atlanta, GA 30346

May 16, 2011

To the Editor:

It is refreshing to hear that Chairman Charlotte Nash,  of the Gwinnett
County Board of Commissioners read my letter to her about revising
Gwinnett’s ethics ordinance and that she’s speaking with fellow commissioners about it. What is disappointing is that she hopes to bring
specific proposals to a vote in the next sixty to ninety days. (AJC Gwinnett
County News 5/13/2011)

Sixty to Ninety days is a long time to wait for ethics reform that Gwinnett
citizens have been waiting decades for. A full six months ago, a special
Grand Jury confirmed that ethics are a serious issue in Gwinnett County. It
is serious enough to indict one of the County Commissioners.

The Board of Commissions can have all the balanced budgets and tax cuts they want. Without ethics reform, they have accomplished nothing. I would like to know why she cannot act sooner.

Steve Deak
Gwinnett County Democratic Party

May Monthly Breakfast & Announcements

Breakfast Meeting

WHEN: Saturday, May 14, 8:30am – 10:00am
WHERE: Georgia Diner ( MAP )
1655 Pleasant Hill Rd. Duluth 30096

Please remember to bring your canned goods for the ongoing food drive

DPG JJ Dinner

The Democratic Party of Georgia annual Jefferson-Jackson Dinner will be held Saturday, June 25th. Details about the change of date can be read HERE.

Each county party is able to purchase a table of 10 seats for $100.00 per person. This is a significant discount from the general ticket price. We already have 1 table sold out and are hopeful to fill 2 more. We will be accepting payment by check or special events page that will be put up this week to contribute through ActBlue.

Letter to Board of Commissioners

Last month at our business meeting we discussed the lack of movement on the recommendations of the Special Grand Jury that was convened to review the shady land deals.  This letter was sent to Ms. Nash and the board earlier this week. You can read the report HERE.

Ms. Charlotte J. Nash
Chairman, Gwinnett County Board of Commissioners
75 Langley Drive
Lawrenceville, GA 30046

Dear Ms Nash:

It has been six months since a Grand Jury released their report about the questionable land deals involving Gwinnett County Board of Commissioners (BOC).  As you know, this report and the indictments that followed resulted in the resignation of the Gwinnett County Chairman and a Gwinnett County Commissioner.

You were subsequently elected to your current position as Chairman of the Gwinnett County Commission as a result of Chairman Bannister’s resignation.  In your campaign, you clearly stated that you believed that the loss of public trust was a fundamental issue facing Gwinnett County.  Further, you proposed tougher ethics requirements and an overhaul of the land acquisition process.

Now that you are in office, when are you going to turn your attention to the recommendations presented in the Special Grand Jury Report?  Do you have a new Business plan for land purchases with a clearly defined set of systems and policies for land purchases?  Have you implemented any plans to record what happens in executive sessions?  What have you done to update the ethics rules that have not been changed since 1993?

While you have found time to hold a public hearing about Briscoe Field and you have had time to inquire about improvements in pedestrian safety you have failed to discuss the most fundamental issue, the lack of leadership and vision by this Board and the unprecedented level of distrust from citizens this has created.

I look forward to hearing your views on this matter and I hope it will be sooner than six months.

Steve Deak
Chairman Gwinnett County Democratic Party

Cc: Shirley Lasseter
Lynette Howard
Mike Beaudreau
John Heard
Porter Deal
Steffini Bethea

JJ Dinner Announcement

Message from Mike Berlon

The 2011 Jefferson-Jackson Dinner will be held in Atlanta on Saturday, June 25th. The State Committee meeting that was set for May 21st will also be rescheduled to that date as well.

As many of you know, we had planned to have the annual Jefferson-Jackson Dinner on May 21st. As many of you also know, in March we were advised that President Carter could attend. In March, I indicated this to the State Committee but I held off on making an official announcement pending formal confirmation of President Carter’s attendance.

A few days ago, I was informed by President Carter’s office that he would not be able to attend the JJ Dinner as originally scheduled. This is obviously a disappointment but we all understand the demands on President Carter and his time. May 21st also conflicted with two other major Democratic events. Under these circumstances, we are moving forward with the announcement of a new date for the Dinner.

Our invited guests include Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz- the new chair of the DNC, Governor Martin O’Malley- head of the Democratic Governors Association, Mayor Anthony Foxx from Charlotte and Congressman John Lewis. We have also extended an invitation to Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed and hope he will be able to join us as well.

This year, we will be presenting the first annual John Lewis Congressional Medal of Freedom Award to Congressman Lewis during the 50th Anniversary of the Freedom Riders for his outstanding service to this Nation and the State of Georgia.

Please save the date and plan to attend. Additional details will follow as soon as possible. Thanks for your support as we put solid plans into place to make Georgia a strong Democratic state once again.


Mike Berlon
Democratic Party of Georgia

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